About an consistently inconsistent brilliant but temporally floundering scoundrel

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I have a family, I am a single parent with, two wonderful children and a whole heap of challenges, triumphs, simple blissful moments, and things to come..

This site is about my personal and professional challenges and triumphs…

Here’s the meat in the sandwich part:

I have a disability known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I also have Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.. I am also academically gifted and received a my PhD from an internationally respected university renowned for scholarly excellence and for training highly competent mental health practitioners.

I am bilingual and worked for many years as an interpreter mostly for certain business negotiations, and certain law court cases.

My partner and I ran a very successful business for 16 years. We closed it down, I thought it got in the way of our relationship and the relationship with my children, but it did not. As well as the business I have had Universty academic appointments in three nations.

The foundation of all my work is  to care for those who participate in moments of learning through human connection. Those who build on this social connectedness undoubtedly discover the deep and enduring satisfaction gained through learning and gaining competent knowledge, and then realising cross-cultural human connection (acculturative connection) does not have to be complicated.

So now that I am a single Dad, life’s still about doing my best, nothing more and nothing less…inconsistently most of the time.

2013 Moments: As the year draws to an end, I’ve moved my posts over to 2013 Moments